Centopercento cachemire

Centopercento cachemire

Haute Couture Jewelry is the best way to describe this innovative brand. The combinations and materials of this striking jewelry dress a woman’s look in impressive ways. This is Made in Italy with a passion for details and quality, in a new design concept that bridges jewelry and fashion. 
Centopercentocachemire’s artistry combines cashmere, silk, linen and cotton weave, with pearls and stones, all carefully threaded and hung by hand in a soft web by Italy’s most skilled artisans.  

Centopercentocachemire is tailored jewelry that alternates cashmere yarn with cotton and linen in winter, and silks threads in the summer. Designed and created for women who love to express themselves in bold ways, Centopercentocachemire can dress a basic look transforming it into a seductive show stopper. By sourcing and selecting the finest yarns and threads, and combining them with precious stones and exquisite metals of the highest quality, the effect is sculptural and extremely flattering.  

  • Email icon info@centopercentocachemire.com
  • Phone icon +39 06 94 12 741
  • Location icon Grottaferrata, Roma
  • Phone icon Contact Centopercento cachemire Directly Here


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