Marco Dal Maso

Marco Dal Maso

Founded in 2011. MARCO DAL MASO is the men's fine jewelry brand bringing unapologetic style and untamed luxury to the market.

Sold across the globe, it is the emerging brand that’s redefining jewelry and giving it a purpose, with a rebellious soul...

MARCO DAL MASO jewels are all handmade in Italy. Created by the most skilled of artisans and inspired by cultures and traditions from across the globe, inspired by the designer’s travels.

The founder’s history is enriched within the world of jewelry.

From a young age, Marco Dal Maso watched his father develop incredible works of Italian craftsmanship. Jewelry was his father’s obsession and has now become Marco’s. Global inspiration mixed with the lessons from his father gave him the passion to launch his eponymous brand.

Though the brand has become well-known for its modern jewels for the modern man, it is also proud to create inspiring pieces for the inspirational woman.

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