Idea D'Oro

Idea D'Oro

Idea d’Oro was founded in July 1992 and has always operated in the gold market ever since. Almost 30 years of progress and constant evolution have guaranteed satisfying results and have earned the company a good reputation all over the world. 
Due to its dynamism brought by a simple yet effective organizational structure, the company has successfully managed to adapt and overcome the difficulties and demands of a constantly growing market.
Idea d'Oro' production is made up of 3 different styles: the collection LIBERTY, the line BABY EMOTIONS and the collection CHAINS for men.

We are currently exporting 90% of our products. The most established of our markets are in Europe and in the Middle East; our company is nonetheless striving to attract emerging markets such as Russia and Asia.

Our main lines include:
baby jewelry, enameled jewelry, baby sets, baby ID bracelets, baby earrings, jewelry with stones, bangles, contrariè, stone sets, semiprecious stones, natural stones, hollow chains and assorted men's chains.

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