Giordana Castellan

Giordana Castellan

Giordana Castellan, more than thirty years of undisputed success story, whose secret has to be searched only in the great personality of Giordana, owner, designer and real spirit of the brand.

Her high ability in discovering the new trends and her talent in being the future trends have allowed a rapid growth of the Company and its consolidation in worldwide markets.

Then, the careful choice of commercial partners and the ability to embrace the new and always more demanding requests of the customers, let the name Giordana Castellan to be synonymous of Italian design, avant-garde and quality.

The excellent care Giordana puts in every detail, and the perfect combination between the traditional handcrafted work and the latest technology machineries, give life to special cadmium-free electroforming and hollow tube  collections which reflect the energy and the strength of Giordana: sculptural lines on weightless pieces that never avoid a glamorous and feminine touch, 
Giordana Castellan, is the result of the consciousness that Emotion is what makes a jewel unique, so Hazard is the key word: a daily challenge which means transferring the essence of a collection in shapes, colors and finishings. 

Giordana Castellan style is always a masterpiece of originality and quality, recognised by our customers as real, proper and unique fashion accessories.

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