Empire Watches

Empire Watches

The ambitious idea of Alfredo Marciano to create the EMPIRE Company, was made in the rich and colorful countryside at the end of the roots of the volcano Vesuvio, not far away from the sparkling city of Pompei.

This young businessman, wanted to create an “empire” of first materials, colors, designs, rhythms and of clear ticking noises to choose from: THE WATCH.

His target is to give a trustworthy and high quality product to our clients and to keep up with the sparkling and global rhythm of this fraction of time, marking the next years with a sign of a wonderful and unique mix of innovation and class. 

The choice

The collections are studied in the minimum details, to answer all desires. You also have a wide choice in the price range.

The style 

The newest materials – You have a style, which is always in perfect harmony between innovation and tradition. For that reason, time will never change. The value of the watch is “Empire”.

The prestige 

Empire, even being a young company, already offers you the total prestige of a “Swiss-made” product. 

The quality

The concept of Empire is that you can totally count on every proposal we make: the quality of design, movement, and material and in the sales service.

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  • Phone icon +39 0815 28 39 37
  • Location icon Poggiomarino, Napoli
  • Phone icon Contact Empire Watches Directly Here


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