EG Eleonora Ghilardi Jewels

EG Eleonora Ghilardi Jewels

The EG Eleonora Ghilardi brand was born in 2012, but its business has a longer history, even in the world of art (sculpture, painting, design).

Initially the company proposed collections in porcelain, however, after attending Goldsmith School, the lines are mainly made of red bronze or gold bronze, using the ancient technique of "lost wax", therefore each jewel will be unique, created with care. Some unisex models are always included in the various collections.

EG Eleonora Ghilardi Jewels also makes jewels on commission. The finishing of the jewels are varied and dictated by the inspiration of the particular collection: there may be oxidations, colored enamels, and satin effects.

The packaging is also very environmentally friendly: "plastic-free” made with recycled cardboard and natural materials.

EG Eleonora Ghilardi jewel is dedicated to a woman, or a man, who have personality, do not follow the "masses" and know how to give the right value to a unique jewel.

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