Asad Ventrella

Asad Ventrella

In Italy, the name Ventrella is synonymous with the art of jewelry crafting. A dynasty of goldsmiths starting in the early 1800’s and continuing today, through generations rich in history and experience.

The family founder, Giuseppe Ventrella, was master goldsmith in Naples during the Bourbon period. Nevertheless, a new branch sprouts vigorously from the family tree. Restlessness and talent formed Asad’s artistic personality. In a short span of time, Asad created his own label, first setting up a laboratory and studio in via Gaetano Filangieri 14 in Naples, and then in other parts of Italy and abroad.

Asad’s work, in line with contemporary design tendencies, has broken the boundaries of the traditional goldsmiths through new proposals and a new vision of the product.

Guided by Ventrella' philosophy of research, its jewelry expresses a different approach to jewelry making, and seeks to create new forms of sensibility.

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