Alberto Piaserico

Alberto Piaserico

Misis was founded in Vicenza, the world's jewel “capital” and melting pot of all the different creative influences from the nearby cities of Venice and Milan, where fashion and art come together.

Its strength is to transform silver, which has always been considered second best to gold, into a high quality jewelry item.

In the family workshop, fine items are created by paying attention to every detail and permeating every object with imagination. Precious stones, iridescent enamels, silver and gold give life to forms that vary from geometrical rigor to the spontaneity of nature.

Lush nature, multi-colored and happy, lies at the base of every Misis creation. Misis plays with nature and women... leveraging elegance, simplicity, and colors to create gems that become evocative, suggestive accessories, sometimes ironic and sometimes romantic.

Each silver jewel is made by hand, painted with special enameling techniques; it’s a precious expression of Made in Italy handcraft.

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